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Pre-purchase Tickets are Live.


We at ​Mystic Realms Fantasy Fair welcome you.  

Travel through the Mystic Realms of high fantasy. Join us for a weekend of pirates, mermaids, fairies, knights in shining armor and more! Our goal is to bring a fun, family friendly fair to celebrate all things medieval and fantasy related. Think Renaissance fair but not limited to historic reenactment. Within the Mystic Realms you will see pirates selling their ill gotten goods, mermaids luring weary travelers, knights in shining armor battling to win honor and fame, and much much more. The Mystic Realms is a safe and exciting place that welcomes all types of fantastical beings to show off their finest costumes. Be it historically accurate garb, mythical creatures, or amazing cosplay. Just be wary of the Fae, they are a mischievous lot.

All are welcome within the Mystic Realms so come join us!

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